Watch: #BlackLivesMatter Orders Whites to the Back, Blacks to the Front

Racial tensions tend to always follow the Democratic Party.  Tuesday in Philadelphia, a #BlackLivesMatter representative ordered white media to the back of the line, and black media to the front.  

"Somebody needs to tell these people to get to the back... we are not afraid to put people out!" she ordered.  

In another instance, a black woman lead a chant screaming, "don't vote for Hillary! She's killing black people!"

Man, People Are Really Starting To Hate Hillary's Campaign Anthem

Hillary Clinton has been using Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" to close out her campaign rallies for quite a few months now. Last night at the DNC was no exception, when actress Elizabeth Banks played an a capella arrangement featuring Clinton supporters.

And boy, are people really, really sick of this song:

I confess: I used to love Fight Song--back in 2014, when I first heard it.

But for the love of all things holy, make it stop. I have no more fight left in me.

Watch: Obama's Brother Destroys Barack in New Interview, "He's Got this Attitude"

It has been a bad week for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democratic Party in general.  And to make things much worse, Obama's Muslim half-brother living in Kenya is ripping his brother's record and ability to lead the country.  

Speaking live from Kenya on British TV, Malik Obama said that Barack "has this attitude like 'I'm the president, I've made it, I'm the star here.'"

"Looking back, he made so many promises when he was running for president... He was riding on the promise of hope. There was so much excitement and we thought he would do so many things.  But look at the Middle East right now. It's a mess. People are being killed all over the place; Berlin, Florida, France, Brussels. And look at the situation in Iraq right now."

Earlier in the week it was reported that Malik would be flying to the United States in November to vote for Donald Trump.  He reiterated his choice in the interview.  

"Something is going on with Hilary that I don't like," he said. "Donald on the other hand, he speaks his mind and is straight forward.  And remember, the Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln - who freed slaves and freed the black man."

Here is The DNC Schedule For Wednesday

The following 2016 Democrat Convention speaker agenda has been provided by the Democratic National Committee and is subject to change. The convention, being held in Philadelphia, started Monday and concludes Thursday. Below is the agenda for Wednesday, July 27, 2016.

Program hours: 4:00 PM Start Time

Location: Wells Fargo Arena

Erica Smegielski

Erica’s mother Dawn was the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary and was killed while trying to protect her students. Since then, Erica has become an outspoken advocate for commonsense gun violence prevention measures. Erica was featured in the ad, My Mom.

Felicia Sanders & Polly Sheppard

Felicia and Polly are two of the three survivors of the Mother Emanuel Church shooting in Charleston, SC.

Jamie Dorff

Jamie’s husband was Patrick Dorff, an Army helicopter pilot from Minnesota who died while on a search and rescue mission in northern Iraq. As a senator, Hillary worked with Republicans and Democrats to increase the gratuity paid to family members of fallen veterans from $12,000 to $100,000.

Vice President Joe Biden

President Barack Obama

Man Who Tried to Assassinate Reagan to Be Released

John Hinckley Jr., the man who would have killed Ronald Reagan if his bullet had landed just an inch closer to the 40th president’s heart during an assassination attempt in 1981, is set to be released from a psychiatric facility.

After 35 years in the mental health hospital, Hinckley Jr. is now going to be permitted to live with his mother in Williamsburg, Virginia, per Senior U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman's orders.

"Mr. Hinckley shall abide by all laws, shall not consume alcohol, illegal drugs...shall not possess any firearm, weapon, or ammunition," Friedman said.

In court, Hinckley was ruled not guilty by reason of insanity.

BREAKING: All Charges Dropped in Freddie Gray Case

All six of the police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray have been exonerated, The Baltimore Sun is reporting

Gray, a young black male, died while in police custody last year in Baltimore, Maryland. He was being transported via police van, where he reportedly suffered spinal injuries after not being properly secured. His death set off a barrage of protests throughout the city.

Baltimore state attorney Marilyn Mosby charged all six officers involved last year after a city investigation. One-by-one, each officer was acquitted in court. William Porter, the first officer to be tried, faced no punishment after his mistrial. Then officers Edward Nero, Caesar Goodson and Lt. Brian Rice were all acquitted in their respective cases. Officer Garrett Miller was expected to face trial Wednesday before all charges were dropped. Sgt. Alicia White is the last officer to be exonerated.

Obama Finally Admits Now What He Wouldn't Admit Before: Trump Can Win

It's working.

Barack Obama has finally admitted that Donald Trump has become more than just a thorn in his side, but now has become someone making it difficult to carry out his agenda.  Obama is shaking, scrambling, and completely perplexed at the idea of Donald Trump becoming the next president of the United States.  

As Obama continually tries to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, as he should for his legacy is on the line, he is routinely proved wrong.  He has virtually no ability to judge and comprehend the future of politics. What does this say about his ability to solve the problems in the Middle East or the horrific conditions Africa-Americans are under in the United States? Is his insight of the 2016 race a measure of his overall competency?  If so, then we now understand the problems of the last eight years.  Obama fumbles the ball.  He does not have a winning instinct.

When asked by the “Today” show if it were possible Trump wins the presidency, Obama responded with “anything is possible.” 

But back in February, he adamantly said that Trump would not become president.  If he cannot judge politics here in America, how he can he judge what is going on in Russia, China, or Iran?  

Uh Oh: Debbie May Have a Hard Time in Reelection Battle as Money Pours in For Her Opponent

When Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepped down from her position as chair of the DNC after leaked emails showed the scales were tipped in Hillary Clinton’s favor, she said in a written statement that her “first priority has always been serving the people of the 23rd district of Florida and I look forward to continuing to do that as their member of Congress for years to come."

But her reelection campaign this year may not go as smoothly as she’s hoping, as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said they will not be spending money to help her in her race, and contributions are pouring in for her opponent, Tim Canova.

Soon after Wasserman Schultz was booed Monday during a Florida delegation breakfast in Philadelphia, Democratic primary foe Tim Canova wrote to his 20,000 Twitter followers, "It's time to end her political career for good," and shared a link to his campaign fundraising webpage. 

The tactic appears to be working. He said he's raised about $100,000 in the 72 hours since the scandal erupted, all without leaving south Florida or picking up a phone to dial for dollars. 

Yet officials with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee made clear Monday they have no plans to spend money to save her. Top committee leaders told reporters that they do not spend money on safe Democratic seats, which hers is, because they need to save resources for states they are trying to save or flip. 

While the seat may be safe in the fall from Republicans, that doesn’t mean she’s a lock in the primary.

Back in May Sen. Bernie Sanders endorsed Canova and even helped him fundraise, noting that “his views are much closer to mine than to Wasserman Schultz's” and that “The political revolution is not just about electing a president.”

Canova, as one can imagine, seems ecstatic over the recent turn of events.

"In some ways it feels like we've won the lottery,” he said. "There's been a natural donor base for someone willing to take on a person with a national profile who is seen as a failed leader."

While it’s still a longshot that she loses her bid for reelection, Nathan Gonzales of the nonpartisan Rothenberg and Gonzales Political Report told Fox News that Wasserman Schultz's recent troubles “raise the natural question” about whether she is at risk in her primary contest.

“In such a high-profile situation, it’s easy to image an (upset.) But it’s extremely difficult to beat an incumbent in a primary,” he said. “She has her share of problems, but I don’t know if that’s going to hit her in her district.”

Gonzales said he would need to see new polling and more information before making a decision to downgrade her seat from “safe.” 

The DNC’s Leaked Emails Show They Were Helping Push Narrative Against NC’s Bathroom Law, Too

The Democratic National Committee’s emails that were released by WikiLeaks last weekend don’t just show that the scales were tipped in Hillary Clinton’s favor over Sen. Bernie Sanders—they also reveal that members of the DNC were actively wading into the debate in North Carolina over HB2.

As companies like PayPal backed away from plans to expand their operations in the state, and entertainers like Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam canceled shows in protest over the law, which requires people use public bathrooms or locker rooms that corresponds to their biological gender, DNC staffers pushed a narrative about the cost these type of protestations would have on the state’s economy.

The Christian Post reports:

In response to the news that Pearl Jam had cancelled an April show in Raleigh, North Carolina, Democratic Party communications director Dave Miranda sent an email on April 25 to undisclosed recipients that cited an estimate from The Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau that claims that cancellation of the Pearl Jam show would cost the local hotel industry about $60,000.

Additionally, Miranda claimed in the email that HB 2 had already cost the state 1,750 jobs and over $77 million in economic activity in just over a month since it passed.

One of the recipients of Miranda's email was DNC's deputy director of regional media T.J. Helmstetter, who forwarded the email to DNC communications strategist Deshundra Jefferson and pushed for approval to have the email forwarded to the DNC national email list.

"This is great," Helmstetter wrote in his email. "can we forward to our LGBT and National lists?"

Jefferson forwarded the email and received a reply from another DNC official, who wrote a one word response: "Awesome."

Miranda insists, however, that the comments were not celebrating the economic impact to North Carolina.

"They're basically saying, 'Good work, good work, North Carolina Democratic Party, getting the word out there about the damage that this bill is doing,'" Miranda told

Dallas Woodhouse, the Executive Director of North Carolina's Republican Party, isn’t buying it, however. He believes the DNC was trying to bring about economic pain on North Carolina by urging businesses to pull out and events to be cancelled in the state.

“They orchestrated it. They inflicted pain on the people of NC and they celebrated it,” Woodhouse told

Other emails show that staffers were keeping tabs on conservative opposition to HB2 as well.

DNC Staffers compiled footage of conservative pundits such as Juan Williams, Hugh Hewitt, Kathleen Parker and Chris Wallace speaking out against the law to proclaim that "it's not only Democrats who are opposing the Republican-backed HB 2 in North Carolina."

In response to the video, Helmstetter shared a Towleroad blog post saying the video attack on HB 2 is "delicious" in an email dated April 27.

And Pablo Manriquez, the DNC’s director of Hispanic media, reached out to the committee’s video research associate for information that would help craft “a decent hit piece on the pro-prejudice backwater of the NC state house,” while also referring to NC Gov. Pat McCrory as a "moronic little bigot of a tarheel governor."

Woodhouse believes the emails show that Democrats actively sought to make HB2 a controversy from the start.

"I think some of the information coming out of the WikiLeaks shows that the other side was determined for there not to be a resolution of this issue because they thought it was good for them politically. No matter the harm," he said.

It Turns Out The Ice Bucket Challenge Actually Helped Fund A Breakthrough

Two summers ago, America was obsessed with "#ALSIceBucketChallenge" videos, where a person was dared to either donate money to the ALS Association (or another ALS charity) or film themselves dumping a bucket of ice water on their heads. Lots of people did both the video and the donation, and the ALS Association raked in millions of dollars while the videos were a popular trend.

The challenge was started by Pete Frates, a former Boston College baseball player who was diagnosed with ALS in 2012 at the age of 27. The #IceBucketChallenge quickly went viral, with thousands of people around the world participating.

Some funny examples:

While lots of people (myself included) got a good laugh after being soaked with ice water, it turns out that all of those videos actually led to something pretty incredible: scientists were able to identify the gene that causes this deadly disease thanks to funds raised through the trend.

The University of Massachusetts Medical School's Project MinE recently discovered the gene that is responsible for ALS. Project MinE scientists were able to research this gene with help from the ALS Association, which donated $1 million from the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The identified gene is NEK1, which its variants could provide clues to understanding and potentially treating familial and sporadic ALS.

"The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge enabled us to secure funding from new sources in new parts of the world," Bernard Muller, founder of Project MinE and ALS patient, said in a statement. "This transatlantic collaboration supports our global gene hunt to identify the genetic drivers of ALS."

Last summer, scientists credited the Ice Bucket Challenge for another breakthrough in researching the disease.

Amazing stuff--hopefully a cure is just around the corner. Who'd have thought a viral video could accomplish so much good?

Analysis: Folksy, Impeached President Endorses Scandal-Plagued, Disliked Wife

PHILADELPHIA - It was fine.

The DNC's Tuesday agenda featured exactly one major primetime headliner: Former President Bill Clinton, who set out to build an emotionally-rooted case on behalf of his wife, whom their party had nominated for the presidency hours earlier. In 2012, I remember sitting in the arena rafters in Charlotte, watching with helpless frustration and dismay as our 42nd president articulated the most compelling (if fact-challenged) argument for Barack Obama's re-election that I'd seen to date. He was masterful, weaving a plausible-sounding story in which Republicans were ridiculed as howling partisans, blinded by resentful and unrealistic expectations of his tale's heroic protagonist. He went full policy wonk at times, somehow pulling it off. He made people believe that Obama and company were the adults trying to fix awful inherited problems, while the GOP shrieked in nihilistic protest. I recall the sinking, intuitive feeling that the race -- which was absolutely losable for Obama at that point -- had shifted with one speech.  I awarded him a B+ in my postgame analysis, which was wishful thinking. The thrust of Clinton's argument went largely unrefuted for weeks, with the glorious and fleeting exception of that first presidential debate in Denver. Bill Clinton really did help Obama win. Period. And Romney knew it, as evidenced by this memorable one-liner from his pre-election Alfred E. Smith dinner comedy routine. The best jokes have at least a kernel of truth to them:

"Campaigns can be grueling, exhausting. President Obama and I are each very lucky to have one person who is always in our corner, someone who we can lean on, and someone who is a comforting presence, without whom we wouldn't be able to go another day. I have my beautiful wife, Ann; he has Bill Clinton."

Tonight, Bill Clinton strode into the spotlight once again, this time to work his magic on behalf of his wife.  He did well, I think, but didn't alter the trajectory of the race.  That's not to say that Hillary won't get a boost out of Philadelphia; she very probably will, as Trump did after Cleveland.  But that was not a lightning strike address.  It wasn't even the best speech of the first half of the convention.  Still, it was pretty clear what he was trying to do.  Before the big address, Megyn Kelly asked me if I thought Bill would seek to rescue Hillary's drowning honesty numbers, which are deservedly and truly awful.  My reply:

He didn't really even try. Instead, he set to work chipping away at her personal favorability gap, which is also a serious problem:

Clinton painted a portrait of a technocratic workhorse (committees! task forces!) who genuinely cares about people, and has channeled those sentiments into a lifetime of tireless public service. That was the whole point of his at times meandering reminiscences about their early life together.  And putting a human face on a woman seen by many as power-hungry and calculating is precisely why he devoted quite a lot of time to describing Hillary as a mother.  (I don't think talking about Hillary's water breaking was simply tossed in casually).  Along the same lines, Chelsea will undoubtedly lay the "grandma" color on thick on Thursday night.  The former president traced his timeline up into the present day -- skipping certain unhelpful bits, like the year 1998 -- and adorning Hillary's tenure at the State Department with the most impressive-sounding "achievement" language he could summon. His only partisan shots were a brief jab about mocking the disabled, and the suggestion that everything at the RNC last week was "made up."  In fairness, he is something of an expert on the subject of making things up.  He didn't need to go uber-partisan, as he did four years ago, because his objectives were different this time. Bill Clinton can read a poll as well as anyone else; he knows that most people already dislike Donald Trump. This was about boosting Hillary's very slight and narrowing favorability advantage, not trying to drive Trump's stratospheric unfavorability numbers any higher. His wife, he said, is serious and committed. The real deal. Believe him, he's witnessed it for decades firsthand.

Was the speech welcomed rapturously in the hall? Yes. They love him here. Did it play well on television? I bet it did. It helped her. Was it a game-changing performance that's likely to permanently alter people's perceptions of Hillary Clinton? I doubt it. She is still the same flawed, unlikable, dishonest, ethically-unfit candidate she was this morning. And if rumors and vows are to be believed, more embarrassments and ethical imbroglios may lie ahead for her.  Bill Clinton hasn't lost his touch as a marvelous political communicator, but there's only so much he could work with here.  His effort was admirable and solid nonetheless. But I suspect it didn't deliver the memorable political juice that his 2012 outing did.

Onward, to day three.

At DNC, Bill Clinton Talks About How He "Met a Girl"

Speaking from the Democrat Convention in Philadelphia, former President Bill Clinton did his best to humanize his wife and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton during a primetime address Tuesday night. 

Awkwardly, Clinton started his remarks by talking about how he "met a girl" back in 1971.

"In the spring of 1971, I met a girl. The first time I saw her we were appropriately enough in a class on political and civil rights. She had big blonde hair, big glasses," Clinton said. "She exuded this sense of strength and self possession that I found magnetic. After the class, I followed her out intending to introduce myself. I got close enough to touch her back but I couldn't do it. Somehow I knew this would not be just another tap on the shoulder, that I might be starting something I couldn't stop." 

Everyone was relieved when Bill finally revealed he was talking about Hillary. 

In another uncomfortable and highly transparent moment, Bill framed his relationship with Hillary as a longtime love story with a "lifetime of memories."

I'll leave you with this: 

Trump: "Bernie's Exhausted, He Wants to Go Home and Go to Bed"

Bernie Sanders certainly has been through the ringer in the last few months.  And recently, he was caught up in another Democratic Party e-mail scandal that put him in the headlines and in a tough position of defending an obviously rigged system.

Donald Trump shared his feelings for Bernie Tuesday night on the "O'Reilly Factor" by saying that the Vermont senator looked exhausted and tired.  

"He's a tired man, he's exhausted," Trump said.  "He wants to go home and he wants to go to bed."

As The Democratic Convention Nominates Clinton, Sanders Supporters Chant "Bernie Or Jail" In The Hallways

The Democratic Convention has tallied the votes—and Hillary Clinton is now the Democratic nominee for president. Clinton had already blown past the 2,383-delegate mark to clinch the nomination, but Sen. Bernie Sanders, on behalf of the Vermont delegation, moved that the rules be suspended, and that Clinton be nominated by a voice vote, which was near unanimous. At this point, it’s no use to continue the resistance in the Bernie camp. At the same time, outside of the convention, Sanders supporters got into an intense argument with Clinton supporters that prompted more security to be present. They also chanted “Hillary or Jail” in the hallway. Roll Call’s Alex Roarty captured the action.

Hillary Clinton Is Officially The Democratic Nominee

Hillary Clinton is officially the Democratic Party's nominee for president. She is the first female presidential candidate from a major party.

Here's Bernie Sanders' Brother Casting A Vote For Him

In an emotional moment during the roll call at the Democratic National Convention, Larry Sanders, a delegate representing Democrats Abroad, cast his vote for his younger brother Sen. Bernie Sanders. Larry Sanders said that his parents, who both passed away young, would be so proud of their son.

A genuine show of emotion at what must be an unbelievable time for the Sanders family.

Afghanistan Suffers Record Number of Civilian Casualties With Disturbing Number Of Child Victims

A few weeks after President Obama announced the United States would keep over 8,000 troops in Afghanistan, more than originally planned, due to unstable conditions in the region and the Taliban’s unrelenting violence, the United Nations is reporting that a record number of civilians have been killed or injured since January 2016.

The Human Rights branch of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan found that between January 1 and June 30, 2016, Afghanistan suffered 5,166 civilian casualties. This includes 1,601 dead and 3,565 injured. This number is the highest toll since 2009.

“This report once again lays bare the suffering inflicted on civilians by parties to the conflict in Afghanistan and shows how the conflict deprives them of basic human rights protection, displacing Afghans within their own country and forcing many to seek refuge abroad,” Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, is quoted as saying.

Among all the grim numbers, here is perhaps the most horrific: UNAMA recorded 1,509 child casualties in the six-month period. In other words, children accounted for one in three of all victims. This is an 18 percent increase in comparison to the statistics a year ago.

Three times more children than women were killed or maimed, with UMAMA documenting 507 women casualties.

Since January 2009, over 20,000 Afghan civilians have died and more than 40,000 were injured.

As if these statistics didn’t seem bad enough, the UN notes that it has “almost certainly underestimated” the “conservative” estimates of casualties.

The UN report determined that about 60 percent of the casualties were caused by “anti-government elements” such as the Taliban, ISIS, and other terror groups. “Pro-government forces,” or the country’s official security forces, accounted for another 23 percent of the deaths.

How could so many innocent bystanders die in the crossfire? The UN reported that a variety of factors result in civilian deaths, including suicide bombs and improvised explosive devices. An article on the UN’s news page explained why Afghan children are often killed or injured:

“Explosive remnants of war disproportionately impacted children who comprised 85 per cent of the casualties caused by such devices. The report contains several accounts of children killed or maimed while playing with such objects.”

A top UN official had strong words for all parties involved in the Afghan conflict, writing the report “represents a failure of commitment and should be a call to action … to reduce civilian suffering and increase protection.”

McAuliffe to CNN: 'Your Story Was 100 Percent Wrong'

Gov. Terry McAuliffe has been starring in many headlines lately about his attempts to circumvent the Virginia Supreme Court and restore felons' voting rights. Yet, on CNN on Tuesday, CNN anchor Erin Burnett confronted him about another recent scandal. 

In May, McAuliffe came under FBI investigation for reportedly accepting campaign donations from Chinese businessman Wang Wenliang, who also reportedly donated to the Clinton Foundation. Those contributions appeared to violate a U.S. election law that prohibits foreign nationals from donating to federal, state or local elections.

When Burnett brought it up to McAuliffe on Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention, he got testy and demanded an apology from her network.

"First of all the story's completely false," he said. "CNN got it 100 percent wrong and they owe me and apology. This man has never been under federal investigation. Your story was 100 percent wrong."

"Just tell your news get your facts right before you report them," he added.

When Burnett pressed McAuliffe as to whether the donations could become an issue for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, he deferred an answer by defending the Clinton's Foundation's efforts around the globe.

For what it's worth, McAuliffe's lawyer confirmed in May that the FBI is indeed investigating his client.

Hungary's PM On Hillary's Foreign Policy: 'Bad For Europe, And Deadly For Hungary'

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban voiced support Saturday for Trump's stances on foreign policy and migration. He said Clinton and the Democrats' policies would hurt Europe.

Orban is the first leader in the European Union to show preference for either candidate in the 2016 U.S. election. A conservative known for his position on immigration, Orban did not support the EU's plans to resettle thousands of refugees.

The Guardian quoted Orban explaining his position on the American political parties and their policies:

“The Democrats’ foreign policy is bad for Europe, and deadly for Hungary,” he said. “The migration and foreign policy advocated by the Republican candidate, Mr Trump, is good for Europe and vital for Hungary.”

Clinton and the Democrats have praised illegal immigrants and avoided mentioning ISIS during the DNC this week. Orban stated that Trump's stance against terrorism was also good for Europe.

Orban cited the Democrats' support for immigration and "export of democracy," and Trump's stance against such policies, as reasons for Hungary's interests aligning with the Republican presidential nominee's.

Orban explained in a Budapest radio interview in June that the export of democracy is using a country's "own democracy to bring happiness to people from different cultural backgrounds." According to Orban this foreign policy practiced by Europe has led to "catastrophe" in Iraq, Syria, and Lybia.

Like Trump, Orban strongly opposes illegal immigration, and has built a fence to defend the southern border of Hungary.

Rep. Alan Grayson Goes Off On Politico Reporter Who Asked Him About His Alleged Domestic Abuse

Things got a bit heated between Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) and Politico’s Edward-Isaac Dovere, who asked the Democratic congressman and Florida Senate candidate about the allegations made by his ex-wife that she was the subject of abuse by him for over two decades. Dovere alleges that Grayson pushed him during their exchange. Patrick Caldwell of Mother Jones captured the tension:

“No, you pushed me…no I’m sorry you pushed me” said Grayson. Dovere said that they captured the whole thing on video.

“Well, that’s a good thing. I’ll be handing that over to the Capitol Police, my friend” said an angered Grayson.

Devore asked if Grayson was going to tell the police that he’s accusing a reporter of simply, asking a question.

“No, No—not for asking these questions. For getting in my face and being a fool—and pushing me as I was trying to make this event,” said Grayson. “You know, I’m hoping that somebody comes here and arrests you,” Grayson said.

Politico posted earlier this morning about the domestic abuse allegations made by his now ex-wife:

Rep. Alan Grayson's ex-wife repeatedly went to police with accusations of domestic abuse over a two-decade period, according to documents she has provided to POLITICO, revelations that come as the Florida congressman enters the final weeks of his Democratic primary campaign for Senate.

Lolita Grayson called police on her husband at least two times in Virginia and two more times in Florida, sought medical attention on at least two occasions and said that, in one instance, he had threatened to kill her, according to a police report.

The congressman, who asserted Lolita Grayson battered him in 2014, vehemently denies he engaged in any abuse during their 25-yearmarriage, which ended last year in a bitter annulment that she is now appealing.

The first reported incident described by the documents was in 1994; the final one was in 2014. Lolita Grayson also called Orange County sheriff’s deputies in 2005 to lodge another abuse complaint, but prosecutors filed no charges in that incident or any of the others. Only the 2014 incident has been previously reported.

The Washington Examiner spoke with Dovere, who told them “As the congressman himself said, he attended a public event. He's a public official appearing at a public event. I attempted to ask him questions about the serious allegations of domestic abuse by his ex-wife."

Last year, Grayson said that his ex-wife was a gold digger.

Live From Philly: Analyzing the DNC, Trump's Polling Bump

PHILADELPHIA - Via Right Sightings and Fox News, here's my analysis of day one at the DNC, starting with a discussion with Greta Van Susteren and AB Stoddard on the angry dysfunction that marred Monday's early programming -- plus a look at Donald Trump's freshly-minted (albeit razor thin) national polling lead:

And here's my bright and early Fox & Friends hit breaking down the primetime proceedings, with an eye toward the general election dynamics as well:

Stay with The Tipsheet for our full and continuing Townhall team coverage as the Democratic National Convention chugs along here in the City of Brotherly Love.  Before you go, read SE Cupp's strong critique of the week's proceedings thus far.  One key passage:

For all of the Dems who poo-pooed the RNC for its tone and lack of substance — fair criticisms — the DNC so far doesn’t sound all that different. RNC speakers were blasted for obsessively and viciously attacking Hillary — the chants from the crowd of “Lock her up!” were especially unacceptable for squeamish liberals, despite the fact that Clinton could very well have been locked up had the FBI found her handling of classified information criminal instead of just “extremely careless.”... Yet at Hillary’s DNC, Sanders’ supporters chanted the very same thing, not only on the streets outside the convention, but on the convention floor itself. Democrats at the RNC said they were disturbed to see that speakers seemed united only over their hatred of Clinton...When Warren spoke on the main stage, in a key hour, she used most of her time not to sing the praises of Hillary, but to bash Trump. She referred to him more than 20 times in her speech, descending into a nasty character attack and ripping him as “a man who has never sacrificed anything for anyone: and a “man who cares only for himself, every minute of every day.” She talked about his “stupid wall” and his “hate-filled America.” This is high-minded? This is substance?

Cupp also points out that after criticizing Republicans for "politicizing" and "exploiting" the Benghazi attacks with an impassioned speech from Patricia Smith, Democrats will showcase a group of mothers who lost loved ones to gun violence and police killings on the primetime stage tonight. Will the media wring its hands endlessly over that, too? Read the whole thing.

Watch LIVE: More Fireworks Expected During DNC Roll Call

After a hostile first day at the 2016 Democratic National Convention on Monday, which included its fair share of jeers and boos from the "Bernie or Bust" voters, what can we expect during the official roll call Tuesday night? Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) will help Hillary Clinton make history when she officially becomes the first woman to be nominated as a major political party's presidential nominee.

Speakers Tuesday night include former President Bill Clinton and the mothers of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Sandra Bland.

Bernie Sanders Technically Still Hasn't Suspended His Campaign

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is still technically running for president, as he has yet to formally suspend his campaign. In his speech last night, Sanders acknowledged that Hillary Clinton should be the next president, yet also said that he looks forward to his delegates voting for him in Tuesday's roll-call vote.

On his website, Sanders is still soliciting for donations to his campaign. His wife, Jane Sanders, had an awkward hot mic moment on Monday evening.

People were also making jokes about how Sanders is having a very tough time at letting his campaign go:

Hillary Clinton will be formally nominated this evening--and hopefully by then Sanders realizes that the dream is dead.

Report: Sanders Will Not Be Nominating Hillary on Convention Floor Tonight

Former 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is expected to be sitting in his family box and not standing with the Vermont delegates on the convention floor during the roll call at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night, Fox News is reporting.

In other words, Democrats will not experience the same Kumbaya moment they did in 2008 when Hillary Clinton nominated her former opponent Barack Obama, elevating him to reach the delegate threshold he needed. That honor this time around will be given to Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski.

Sanders has endorsed Clinton for president and told his supporters Monday night during his DNC speech to vote for her in November. Yet, it appears he is not ready to go so far as to be the one to guarantee her the nomination. 

The Vermont senator's supporters are justifiably frustrated over a primary process that seemed anything but democratic. They did, however, make themselves heard on Monday night, booing and jeering at any speaker that dared to suggest we elect Hillary Clinton in November.

Townhall, Hot Air Live From the DNC!

Guy Benson will join Hot Air's Ed Morrissey on The Ed Morrissey Show for live updates from the DNC in Philly at 4:00pm (EDT).

Viewers can watch via Facebook Live here.