Here’s our five-step guide to getting the hot girls you want tonight. Have trouble hooking up with the hot girl you like?

Have trouble hooking up with the hot girl you like? Here’s our five-step guide to getting the seductive girls you want tonight.

Step 1: Understand the Approach

Stop looking for the best pick-up line. Enough to get their attention. You want to get him interested in the next thing that comes out of your mouth. Tell him about your last trip to Amsterdam or about an interesting book you just finished reading. Find a way to make him think that you are a multidimensional man without appearing pretentious or selfish. 

Step 2: Stay Away From Lull

This is the part where most guys hit the wall. Never leave a conversation just because you’re out of things to say. At the very least, say something like “it was like when…” to keep the conversation flowing. If you feel much more confident, give him a “cold reading.” Tell him something about himself based on his body language and appearance. Show off her nice hair or her cute smile. This can cause him to react, opening up new avenues in the conversation. 

Make Him Yours

Your confidence and sense of humor are your greatest assets. Make him laugh and control the conversation, but don’t overdo it. Because often, guys have a habit of trying to be comedians or tend to monopolize the conversation. Be engaging and fun. Make sure he’s also a part of the conversation. You won’t want to pull the string as soon as you feel a slight bite on the hook. Sexy girls appreciate what they have to work hard for. 

Take it outside

The next step is to think about logistics. Give up a lively, bustling space for a more intimate setting. This is where you can build connections and find common interests. You can’t have a chance to get to know someone if you have loud music blaring in your ears. Ask him if he wants to go somewhere else for coffee so you can talk. Find a nice and quaint cafe, and he will surely love to see that side of you. 

Keep the Night Alive

For obvious reasons, you’ll want to avoid an unexpected breakup, such as a long one-hour drive to your place in a separate car. Please give him a good reason to come to an old movie, for example. However, you have to be careful at this point. You should already know what you both want to happen, so don’t try to trick him. Also, make sure he feels comfortable with her. Set your intention to hang out with him and get to know him better, and the rest will come naturally.

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