You’ve seen them: the Red Bull Girls, Miller Lite Girls, and the super sexy Monster Energy Drink Girls. These are just some of the hot girl jobs that attractive girls can get.

Becoming a beverage promotion model may seem like a daunting task to millions of girls because there is so much competition and few promotional job openings.

What can you do to increase your chances of getting some of these hot girl jobs?

First, you need to brush up on your conversational skills. Beverage companies are selling beer, and they need attractive girls who can have seductive conversations with their customers. I say flirting because seduction is a stronger form of persuasion.

We all know that a flirty girl can get a lot more from a guy than a shy girl. If you are capable and happy to seduce people, you need to learn about the product next.

If you’re promoting a drink like Miller Lite, you need to understand the benefits of beer. You don’t have to be a brewing expert, but you need to know enough to convince Bud Light drinkers that Miller Lite is the better beer choice.

Now that some girls are so seductive, they can only use their looks to get the consumer to change the beer they drink when they are around them. Beer marketers don’t want consumers to try beer; they want consumers to buy beer repeatedly; they want them to be beer loyal. Your job is to make them fall in love with beer.

The final step in getting a hot drink model job is knowing where and how to apply.

Some companies hire drink promotion models, and some distributors rent models independently from modeling agencies. You don’t have to be a model to get a drink promotion job, and you need to like the product and convince the hiring manager that you can represent it and get consumers to try it and buy it.

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